John Alden and Myles Standish were among the first settlers in Duxbury way back in the early 1600’s. Initially a farming community, Duxbury gained world renowned status in the 18th century for the fine ships built there. Later, fishing became a major industry.

Today, after more than three centuries as a relatively quiet summer community, Duxbury is thriving.

The spectacular harbor, the beautiful 5 mile long sandy peninsula, the sea captain’s homes and other fine colonial homes that line Washington Street, all add to the special charm of this authentic New England colonial town.

In addition to these obvious benefits, Duxbury prides itself on its town services. The school system, on a 75 acre campus, is rated excellent, town services and programs are varied and comprehensive, and town planning and development has been thoughtful and effective as evidenced by the quality of new homes and developments in the town.

Duxbury is truly an enchanting town that anyone would love to call home.

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Single Family Home Sales Duxbury, MA

Single Family Home Sales Duxbury, MA