Hanover, originally a part of Scituate, was first settled in 1649. The town was incorporated in 1727 and named in honor of King George I of the ruling “House of Hanover.”

The North River played an important part in the town’s history. Shipbuilding, grist mills, sawmills, and iron forges dotted its banks. Bog iron mining (iron ore deposits mined in and around bogs) was another important industry, producing achors, cannon balls, bells, stoves, and hollow ware. The anchor for the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) was cast here.

Today, Hanover is a thriving residential community but, happily, one that has retained its old-fashioned rural New England charm. The white clapboard Town Hall, the many Revolutionary era homes, quiet residential neighborhoods, the herring run, and town park provide delightful contrast to the modern school system, the Hanover Mall and many other modern facilities. This, combined with exceptional recreational and cultural activities, a wide variety of dining establishments and an abundance of historic sites, make Hanover an exceptionally nice town to call home.

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Single Family Home Sales Hanover, MA

Single Family Home Sales Hanover, MA