First settled in 1633, Hingham, the twelfth town founded in Massachusetts, was incorporated in 1635 with the words “the name Barecove is changed and hereafter to be called Hingham.” Early farms and mills gave way to factories and iron works, then foundries, cloth related businesses and leather and cabinet making industries. Hingham Bay’s harbor supported a major fishing industry, busy shipyards and saltworks.

Today, Hingham is beautiful to behold with its many miles of rock-bound coastline, magnificent harbor, acres of rich woodlands and stately colonial homes, quaint shops, town green and many beautifully preserved historic buildings.

As beautiful as Hingham is to the eye, living here is even more special. There is the top rated school system, modern facilities, convenient local shopping, a spectacular state park, and a myriad of recreational and social activities.

Those who are fortunate enough to live in Hingham appreciate the special beauty, rustic charm, quaintness and serenity that makes Hingham a truly wonderful place to live.

Single Family Home Sales Hingham, MA

Single Family Home Sales Hingham, MA