Established in 1640, Marshfield’s fertile land and marshes provided the early settlers with rich farmland and triving homesteads. Later the navigable North River spawned shipyards and with the building of the Boston to Plymouth railroad, Marshfield became a favorite summer destination for well-to-do visitors.

Today, of course, Marshfield is a prosperous, pretty, residential community offering the benefits of an affordable lifestyle in a delightful waterfront setting. The schools are very good, as are the community services. Recreational opportunities are virtually endless. And the town is so pretty, with a varied landscape and 20 miles of rivers, ponds, streams and marshes.

On a clear day a resident standing atop a hill overlooking the Atlantic can not only see Provincetown, 26 miles away, but with a slight turn of the head, relish the view of the unique charms of his or her own town that spices New England colonial charm with a seafaring flavor.